Pembroke Technology

Pembroke Technology

Trusted IT strategic advice and implementation services

With over 20 years in professional consulting, Pembroke Technology offers experienced, trusted and independent IT/ERP strategic advice and implementation services, that align to your current and future business needs.

IT/ERP Strategy

Trusted IT Strategic Advice

With the digital age upon us, the need for IT strategic planning is never more apparent, with the business world facing unprecedented disruption including:

  • Customers demanding “Uber” type service that is forcing companies  to formulate Customer centric strategies

  • Companies need to look at replacing legacy systems that cannot keep pace with the digital age

  • Companies are using IT to:

    • Win new contracts

    • Lower costs

    • Obtain real-time data through IOT sensors

    • Offer automatic invoicing

Pembroke Technology can guide your company/business into the Digital age through trusted IT strategic advice/planning.




IT/ERP Health Checks

We can get your IT project back on track

IT/ERP projects have multiple and often competing aspects including:

  • Strategic alignment

  • Sponsorship commitment

  • Requirements prioritisation

  • Data migration strategy

  • SME availability

  • Project perception (change management)

  • Scope management/creep

  • Project team chemistry

These can be difficult to manage and can often cause projects to go off course.

Pembroke Technology offers various forms (desktop to detailed reviews) of IT/ERP Health Checks to get your project back on track.

Modern Digital Platforms

Let us help you digitise your business

Digital platforms provides integrated functions to transform/digitise your business including:
  • CRM/Sales

  • Field Service

  • Mobile Apps

  • Finance/Supply Chain/Maintenance

  • HR/Payroll/Inventory

  • Project Services Automation

  • O365/LinkedIn Integration

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Portals (Customer/Supplier/Employee)

Let Pembroke Technology help you digitally transform your company/business utilising these new integrated solutions.


Pembroke Technology now accepts Cryptocurrency payments

To keep up with all modern trends, Pembroke Technology now offers payment with Bitcoin and Ripple/XRP. We are offering a 2% discount on all crypto payments.

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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Advisory

Grow your wealth through cryptocurrency




Pembroke Technology has been active in the blockchain/cryptocurrency market over the past 12 months, through extensive cryptocurrency mining, blockchain storage hosting and cryptocurrency long term and day trading. Pembroke offers a wide range of blockchain/cryptocurrency consulting services including:

Cryptocurrency mining:

  • Mining set-up (bat scripts/wallets)
  • Hardware set-up and mining rig advice
  • Mining rig building contacts
  • Pembroke’s current Cypto hot list – Verge, Tron, SiaCoin, Electroneum, NCASH…?

Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Basic crypto trading advisory, including day trading, HODL advice,  cryptocurrency exchange set-up/advice, basic chart analysis, new and emerging coins and access to global cypto traders
  • General cryptocurrency market trends

Blockchain Advisory

  • ICO Global Calendar information
  • Blockchain 101 discussion/workshops
  • Blockchain Conference schedules
  • ICO general advice and contacts
  • Venture Capital/investment contacts
  • Blockchain platform development architecture advice
  • Access to global blockchain developers/solution architects

While Pembroke will provide cryptocurrency advice, global market information and emerging trends, the overall cryptocurrency market is very volatile; and all money invested is always at risk. All care will be taken, however, no guarantee can be given and investors need to be aware that they should only invest what they can either:

  • Be prepared/afford to lose at least a portion of the investment
  • Have the financial capacity to hold crypto positions in the case of unexpected bear runs
  • Not be required for day to day cash flow requirements