IT/ERP System selections

With over 20 years of assisting clients achieve their goals, Pembroke has formulated proven methodologies and execution for assisting clients through all aspects of preparing and executing on ERP implementations.

Proven Methodologies

  • ERP Readiness Assessment

  • ERP System Selection

1. Performing Business Assessment

Identify the business drivers such as core competencies and processes unique to industry or market position.

  • Understand nature of business
  • Understand objectives of new system/process/reporting requirements
  • Perform ERP Readiness Assessment ( if required )
  • High level business process maps or review of exiting maps (as-is and to-be)
  • Align business expectations and validate scope of new system
  • Identify functional and non-functional requirements.

2. Creating System Shortlist

Create an initial vendor shortlist and develop an RFI/RFP to narrow down the potential vendors.

  • Compile functional and non functional requirements
  • Create potential supplier list (market scan)
  • Create software shortlist
  • Obtain client sign-off on shortlist

3. Performing  Evaluation

Evaluate the responses and facilitate presentations and product demonstrations in order to select a preferred vendor.

  • Create Demo scripts that reflect client specific scenarios
  • Organise demonstrations
  • Facilitate presentations and demonstrations
  • Facilitate evaluation of demo presentations
  • Facilitate evaluation of presentations and demonstrations
  • Award contract based on group evaluation scores & agreement

4. Developing Vendor RFI/RFP ( if required)

Develop detailed requirements and evaluation criteria in order to gather specific responses from shortlisted vendors.

  • Prepare Request for Tender
  • Weight requirements and determine evaluation criteria
  • Distribute RFI/RFP and answer supplier questions

5. Facilitating Vendor Negotiations

Provide guidance and support during vendor negotiations.

  • Understand negotiation levers e.g. licensing costs, implementation approach ,support services, and maintenance fees Signing the contract
  • Knowledge of the Perth ERP market including the current implementations and the best resources available
  • Proven ERA and system selection execution