ERP/IT Implementation Journey

Pembroke Technology understands the ERP/IT system journey and with our extensive experience we can anticipate issues prior to them adversely affecting your project.

ERP milestones

Challenges our clients encounter

IT/ERP Strategy Planning

IT organisation and technical architecture readiness for a new ERP system. – 2 -5 year IT strategic plan.

Pre-Project Activities

Developing Project charter, initial data discovery, project team formulation, backfill prep etc.

Project Strategy Formulation

Robustness of change management/conversion/security/testing/integration/cutover/embed strategy.

Design/Test/Build or Code

Mods vs. vanilla –  Interfaces/integration – Measurement of UAT success – Project compression.


Importance of formalising/socialising go-no go criteria – Key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Post Go-Live Support

Calculating hand holding time – What other support will be available – Specialised coaching/training


Acceptance of the new/improved ERP by the business through specific coaching, guides etc. 

Continuous Improvement

Catering for continuous business process improvement. – Methods for measuring improvements.